Murray Matheson

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Murray Matheson
Murray Matheson
Portrays: Geller
Date of Birth: July 1, 1912
Date of Death: April 25, 1985
Age at Death: 72
Nationality: AUS AUS
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Sidney Murray Matheson (July 1, 1912—April 25, 1985) was an Australian-born actor who portrayed Sire Geller in the Original Series episode "Greetings From Earth".

He previously provided the voice of Specter in the Original Series episode "The Young Lords".

Born in Casterton, Victoria, Australia, Matheson served as a pilot in the Royal Air Force prior to becoming an actor. His first movie roles reflected his military service in the RAF.

As television's popularity grew, Matheson took on roles in many genres, with roles in Kraft Television Theatre, Studio One, Peter Gunn, The Fugitive, Naked City, Perry Mason, Get Smart, My Favorite Martian and Bewitched. Many fans of the series, The Twilight Zone may remember Matheson as The Clown in the 1961 episode, "Five Characters in Search of an Exit".

In the 1970s and 1980s, Matheson would enjoy some guest roles in episodes of shows such as Mannix, Vega$ (produced by Original Series creator Glen Larson) and Hawaii Five-O and as a regular series member of the cast of Banachek in 1972.

Matheson died on 25 April 1985 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California.