Cimtar (RDM)

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For information on the Cimtar moon of the Original Series, see Cimtar (TOS).

The Cimtar Peace Accord (TRS: "Miniseries").

Cimtar is a place mentioned in the Cimtar Peace Accord, as seen in a document held by the Armistice Officer on the Armistice Station. The peace accord ended the Cylon War, and the human's automaton creations, the Cylons, left for a world to call their own. The accord was later broken by the Cylons some 40 years later (TRS: "Miniseries").


  • The name of Cimtar is one of a handful of direct cross-references between the Original Series and the Re-imagined Series. In the Re-imagined Series, Cimtar is noted only in the Armistice Officer's copy of the Peace Accord, suggesting that, in the Re-imagined universe, Cimtar was, indeed, used for an actual peace treaty signing. No further information was given about Cimtar itself in this continuity, however.
  • A curious continuity gap exists on the Re-imagined peace accord documents. Visible in the same scene is a technical specifications document on the original Cylon models used by the Colonies. The document contains the Original Series-specific term "yahrens". Given that the Re-imagined Series uses the standard real-world measurement terminology of "years," this is likely a goof of the props department or a homage to the Original Series than an attempt to suggest a more direct connection between the two series.