Battle for the Agricultural Ships (TOS)

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Battle for the Agricultural Ships
Conflict: Escape from the Cylons
Date: 16 Quatrons after Battle of Kobol
(Startime 00147002 by The Planet Sectar Unit of Time)
Related Episode(s):
Place: Zeta Quadrant
Result: Cylon victory
Viper squadronRaiders"
The Colonial Fleet Cylons
Commander Adama A Command Centurion

Viper squadron

Materiel Losses
Two Agricultural Ships destroyed, Agro Ship 9 is Damaged. No Vipers At least 5 Raiders
Crew of agricultural ships Various Centurions
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Mission to Destroy the Cylon Pulsar and Battle at Sector Sigma (concurrent) Battle for the Agricultural Ships Battle at Omega Sector

For same named battle in Galactica 1980, see: Battle for the Agricultural Ships

Cylon Raiders slip past the defenses of Blue Squadron, destroying two of the fleet's three agricultural ships. The remaining vessel, Agro Ship Nine, has a breached airlock. Personally inspecting the damage, Colonel Tigh learns that the fleet's entire crop supply was destroyed in the attack.

Adama and the others must agree to certain compromises with old acquaintances and with the inhabitants of a grain-rich, yet politically turbulent planet. (The Magnificent Warriors).