Battle for the Agricultural Ships

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Battle for the Agricultural Ships
Conflict: The Discovery and Defense of Earth
Date: ca. 1980 CE
Related Episode(s):
Place: Near Saturn
Result: Cylon victory
Galactican Fleet Cylons
Commander Adama, Doctor Zee Imperious Leader
Galactica, Viper squadron Raiders
Materiel Losses
Agro Ship Many Raiders destroyed
Crew of agricultural ships Various Centurions
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Stopping the Landed Cylons Battle for the Agricultural Ships Unknown or None

Impatient with the Galactican Fleet's inability to lead the Cylon battle fleet to Earth, the Imperious Leader orders an attack on the Fleet's agricultural ships.

Despite Galactican interception by D Squadron, the Cylons are successful in destroying all the Fleet's agricultural ships, forcing them to begin an agricultural colony on Earth (1980: "Space Croppers").


The Cylons use only regular Raider craft for the attack and not the A-B Raider. This may indicate that the Cylons either did not believe it necessary for the A-B Raiders to be deployed in this mission, or that the A-B Raiders are few in number.