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Portrayed by Brett Somers
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Siress Belloby is a hardened woman on the freighter Gemini noted for getting anything she wants. Much to Adama's dismay, he had encountered her when they were younger. When the Cylons hulled the Agro Ship 9, thus destroying the crops, the the Fleet's representatives (Adama, Boomer, Starbuck, and Apollo) needed an unmarked energizer to trade for agricultural seed. A search of the Fleet's inventory lead the Warriors to Belloby, who is the only person to have an unmarked energizer; the unmarked energizer necessary, so that no one would know who they were.

In exchange for the energizer, Belloby demands that Adama would court her. Indeed, Adama found the prospect nauseating, but with no other choice he accepts. After landing on Sectar and getting to Serenity, Serenity's locals steal her generator from Starbuck and Boomer; later resulting in Starbuck being conned into being Serenity's constable as he attempts to win enough money to buy the agro seed. Despite the presence of Galactica's Warriors, the Siress finds the energizer in a nearby agricultural storehouse.

When the Borays under Boss Nogow's command raid Serenity once more, Belloby is taken prisoner. The quartet of warriors pursue the Borays to their staging camp, where Starbuck makes a risky deal with Nogow where the Borays can run the town and Nogow could be the constable. After the deal is struck, the Colonials received their seed, though Belloby elects to stay on Sectar for what she says she needs: a real animal in the form of Nogow (TOS: "The Magnificent Warriors").


Belloby is a Caprican bureautician born into a "distinguished, but impoverished family". She was said to be "the likely bride" of a younger Adama, but he had married Ila instead.
After this, she "pursued her business interests" that lead to her being "one of the Galaxy's (sic) leading dealers in recycled parts and equipment". Her prosperous business also backed Adama's political career.
She was 135 yahren when the Battle of Cimtar occurred.[1]


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