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Antila is a delta-class planet in the A4477 system.


Unbeknownst to the Colonials, a group of outcasts from Scorpia had settled the planet many yahrens before the final Cylon attack against the Colonies. Some of the original settlers died from diseases native to the planet while others died from wild animals and the elements, but their settlement thrived until division, corruption, and malaise affected the Scorpion pacifist colony.

Sometime before the Cylon attack, the Cylons invaded Antila and managed to overtake the human settlement. Some survivors, like Megan had been captured, while others had fled—some had fled to the hills, away from the Cylons, while a score of children (lead by Kyle) began guerrilla warfare against the invaders. However, the reptilian Cylons had died out, being extremely susceptible to the virulent diseases on Antila, leaving Spectre in charge. To cover the failure of the invasion, the ambulatory sentience built machine facsimiles of Cylon Centurions, which he names after attributes of the planet (Mudhole, Hilltop, Treebark) and programs them to be subservient to his will in the hope of one day ascending the ranks of the Cylon Empire.

Post-Cylon attack

Starbuck's forced landing on Antila changes the tide against the Cylons. Despite Kyle's attempt to exchange Starbuck for his mother, Megan, Starbuck manages to force Spectre into retreating from the planet with the aid of Kyle's band of "young warriors". Megan, freed Antilans, and the children are reunited and rebuild their settlement with the help of the Cylon robots left behind by Spectre and lead by Hilltop. After this, a shuttle from Galactica recovers Starbuck and ferries him back to the Fleet (The Young Lords).



Name Notes
Araidne Daughter of Megan and Renkin, and younger sister of Kyle, Miri, et al.
Arno Armwaver One of Kyle's "young warriors".
Kyle Oldest son of Megan and Renkin, he is the most pigheaded and exchanges Starbuck to Spectre in the hope of retrieving his mother; he is fooled, and gives command of his "young warriors" to Starbuck after his escape from Cylon hands.
Laughing Jake One of Kyle's "young warriors". He rarely smiles and is always stoic. He communicates with the other children primarily via gestures and looks.
Herbert the Singer One of Kyle's "young warriors".
Miri Oldest daughter of Megan and Renkin, as well as the most thoughtful. She regularly visits Megan in her cell at the castle-turned-Cylon garrison. Given the absence of adults, she teaches the children and maintains a written diary depicting the history of their struggle against the "tincans".
Nilz Son of Megan and Renkin, and young brother of Kyle, Miri, et al.
Robus Son of Megan and Renkin, and young brother of Kyle, Miri, et al.


Name Notes
Renkin Husband of Megan, and father of Kyle, Miri, et al. Both he and Megan draft up new laws for the settlement when the Cylons attack, killing many of the colonists, including him.


  • In the episode, "The Young Lords", the existence of humans on this planet is unexplained. Further, the name of the planet in that episode was Attila.