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Introduced The Young Lords
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Parents Megan
Siblings Kyle, Miri, Ariadne, and Robus
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Portrayed by Adam Mann
Nilz is a Cylon
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"Corporal" Nilz is the younger son of Megan who is cared for by older sister Miri, and chastised by older brother Kyle more often than not for simply being a kid rather than a soldier.

He is assigned the job of fouling up the Cylon's tracking of the Attilian survivors along with his brother, Robus, by laying false tracks in the Naga forest.

As usual with the younger siblings, he has no say in the decisions of the family, as Kyle acts like an egotistical military general.

However, when Starbuck comes in to the picture, Nilz participates in planting explosives in the munitions depot by sneaking by the Cylons at the time where the Centurions' backs were turned to the other Centurion.

Like the rest of his family, he stays behind on Attila (TOS: "The Young Lords").