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Introduced The Young Lords
Parents Megan
Siblings Kyle, Ariadne, Robus, and Nilz
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Portrayed by Audrey Landers
Miri is a Cylon
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Miri is the oldest daughter of Megan on the planet Attila; she is the most level-headed one in the family.

Necessitated by her mother's death at Cylon hands the beautiful, maturing woman assumes the role of mother to her younger siblings Ariadne, Robus and Nilz: Miri cares for them by teaching, feeding and protecting them. Miri has also to spent a lot of efforts on keeping her elder brother Kyle under control. She fights fairly often against the Cylon "tin cans". It helps her that she can move faster through the jungle-like forests of Attila than the Cylon centurions by riding unicorn-like creatures.

When Starbuck crash-lands on the planet, she and her siblings manage to liberate and take care of the injured Warrior. Miri takes an interest in the warrior; however, her hopes are shattered by the spiteful Kyle, who forces her to place a note in the Cylon-occupied castle arranging an exchange of the Warrior for her father Megan. Starbuck, with some assistance from the love-struck Miri, manages to convince Kyle otherwise.

They quickly plan an assault on the castle as well as an escape plan to get Megan out of Cylon hands. Miri and Starbuck manage to liberate her father from Specter, the devious IL-series commander, and eventually defeat the Cylons themselves.

She stays behind on Attila, much to the disappointment of Starbuck, who says she would have broken the hearts of many warriors on Galactica (TOS: "The Young Lords").


  • Interestingly enough, Star Trek had a Miri in the episode "Miri" that was much similar to Battlestar's Miri. Trek's Miri had a similar relationship to Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner), but it was considerably toned down than the events depicted in "The Young Lords," due to Miri being played by vixen Audrey Landers and the time period (1978-79). Additionally the situations that both Miris were placed in were quite similar, with both being considerably level-headed and managing to help the leads of both series with their respective mission—survival.