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Introduced The Young Lords
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Parents Megan
Siblings Miri, Ariadne, Robus, and Nilz
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Portrayed by Charles Bloom
Kyle is a Cylon
Kyle is a Final Five Cylon
Kyle is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Kyle, the eldest son, aged 18 (approximately), of Megan who survived the Cylon's occupation of Antilla, leads his siblings in the Cylon resistance.

In one of these attacks against the so-called "tin cans," Kyle and his clan rescues Starbuck from a Cylon patrol and treat his injuries. He later finds the Warrior to be a threat to his power, and in a burst of jealousy decides that Starbuck would be traded for Megan. He orders a broken-hearted Miri to place the message inside the castle walls; Specter agrees to the proposal.

Kyle and the other animal fur- and bone-donning adolescents are persuaded by Starbuck at the last moment that the Cylons can't be trusted; when Starbuck is proven right, Kyle cedes leadership of the small army of children to Starbuck, with Kyle becoming the second-in-command.

Kyle, along with Starbuck and his brothers and sisters, plans the rescue mission — with Kyle creating diversions by riding his unicorn and sounding his war-trumpet — which eventually frees Megan and drives the Cylons from their homeworld (TOS: "The Young Lords").