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VISITORS: Please be aware that this is a list of answers for questions that are posed as a result of content from Season 2 episodes. The answers to these questions, however, likely come from episodes of later seasons that you may not have watched yet. While we do have a spoiler policy in place that warns you that spoilers are to be expected, we are reiterating that warning here, as there will undoubtedly be spoilers in this article. Thank you for your consideration. Good hunting.

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This is a list of answers to questions posed as a result of content from individual episodes from Season 2 of the Re-imagined Series. These questions are taken directly from the episode guides.


Valley of Darkness



  • What will Commander Adama do to resolve the crisis now that he has regained consciousness?
Answer: He is initially intent on hunting down President Roslin and Captain Adama ("The Farm"). A talk with Dualla makes him realize that he is partly at fault for the split in the fleet and that bringing everyone back together matters more than Roslin breaking her word to him about staying out of the military chain of command ("Home, Part I"). He takes a Raptor to Kobol to reunite with her ("Home, Part II").
  • What will happen to President Roslin, now on the run?
Answer: She finds refuge on a meat storage ship and later the Astral Queen. She is able to convince several ships to jump away from the main fleet into Kobol's star system to await Kara Thrace's return with the Arrow of Apollo ("The Farm").
  • What will happen to Cally now that she has killed Boomer?
Answer: She is put in the brig for several days for unauthorized discharge of a firearm ("The Farm").
  • Could Boomer return to the show, to be reunited with Chief Tyrol, after having her consciousness transferred to another body?
Answer: She is downloaded into another body as seen in "Downloaded," but does not manage to reunite with Tyrol until roughly three years have passed, at which point she betrays him again ("Deadlock," "Someone to Watch Over Me").
  • Chief Tyrol mentions that he once served aboard the battlestar Pegasus. Will this be significant when Pegasus is discovered by Galactica?
Answer: No.
  • Who are the eight Cylons in the Fleet?
Answer: Since "The Plan" aired, it was revealed there were eight Cylons that physically infiltrated the Fleet after the attack on the Colonies: D'Anna Biers, Brother John Cavil, Simon O'Neill, Shelly Godfrey, Leoben Conoy, an additional Aaron Doral, a prostitute known as "'Tough Six' and Boomer herself. This number could have been implanted in Boomer's subconcious from her secret conversations with Cavil. The fact that some of these eight had died at the time of Boomer's revelation could have been forgotten or lost in her subconscious. Alternatively Boomer could have been referring to the original Doral copy that was left on Ragnar station and not counting herself. Therefore, it could be argued that she did know that at one point there were eight infiltrators in the fleet.
"The Plan" shows that there are actually eight living Cylons in the fleet other than Boomer herself at this point: Saul Tigh, Ellen Tigh, Galen Tyrol, Tory Foster, Brother Cavil, D'Anna Biers, Simon O'Neill, and Tough Six. However, Boomer does not at this time know the true identities of members of the Final Five. At best, she could have a subconscious awareness of this.
It should be borne in mind that Eight is Boomer's model number.

The Farm

Home, Part I

Home, Part II

Final Cut

Flight of the Phoenix


  • How did Pegasus escape being infected with a Cylon virus after the initial assault?
Answer: Kendra Shaw deduced that the Cylons had disabled other Colonial Fleet vessels with a virus and that the Pegasus had escaped infection during the initial assault because the computers were disconnected from one another during the overhaul. On her recommendation, Cain kept the computers unnetworked (TRS: "Razor").

Resurrection Ship, Part I

Resurrection Ship, Part II


Black Market



The Captain's Hand


  • What will Number Three do when she is resurrected?
Answer: Number Three goes along with the "heroes" and their plan to occupy New Caprica, but is one of the models in favor of harsher measures. Eventually, she will have strange dreams about Hera Agathon and the Final Five Cylons. She continues to resent her death at the hands of Caprica-Six for a time, but later forms a sexual threesome with Six and Gaius Baltar.
  • What model numbers are "Simon" and "Leoben Conoy"?
Answer: Leoben is Number Two and Simon is Number Four.
  • Given that Caprica-Six now has a virtual Gaius Baltar, what are these virtual beings?
Answer: They are agents of a higher power who appear to guide people during crucial events while taking forms familiar to them. The Virtual Six and Virtual Baltar are two different individual angels, and associates of each other.
  • Does death hold any meaning to the Cylons?
Answer: Yes, and this is one of the points where the One/Four/Five faction and Two/Six/Eight faction will differ in the Cylon Civil War. The One/Four/Five faction is deeply afraid of lasting death, whereas the Two/Six/Eight faction comes to believe that a finite life is more meaningful, leading to their destruction of the Resurrection Hub.

Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I

Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II