Chapter Two - Athena

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Chapter Two - Athena
Conflict: First Cylon War
Related Episode(s):
Place: Picon
Result: Successful defense of Picon and deliverance of Battlestar
Colonial Fleet Cylons
Admiral Lucinda Cain Clothos[1]
Two Nemeses One Talon
Materiel Losses
None Two Nemeses One Talon
Various personnel Various Cylons
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
"Daidalos" Chapter Two - Athena Chapter Three - Transmissions

Chapter Two - Athena is a Battlestar Galactica Deadlock story mission, that oversees the dilverey of the Battlestar Athena to the colony of Picon.

It is the second of four tutorial missions and thus may be bypassed by players starting a new campaign, assuming they have played Deadlock previously.

Mission Breifing[edit]

Helena Agathon on mission overview:

Cain has got her stomping boots on. Started shelling out orders before she'd even finished sticking the Admiral pin to her jacket. She's out to prove she's ready for the top job of Colonial Fleet.
Can't feel good to earn that promotion off the back of your superior's bad luck. But we've all lost someone in this war, I guess. My sister was on Galactica before it disappeared...
Picon's government is blaming Cain for not delivering Athena earlier. Both she and Sinon won't be happy until we've delivered all twelve of the Jupiters to the Colonies.
At least we'll get to see Athena clear out some toasters before we hand her over to Picon. Daidalos is ready to jump on your command, sir.

Game Rewards[edit]


  1. This is not revealed until later in the game.