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Birth place Equellus
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Introduced The Lost Warrior
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Parents Vella (mother) and Martin† (father)
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Portrayed by Johnny Timko
Puppis is a Cylon
Puppis is a Final Five Cylon
Puppis is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Puppis is an Original Series Cylon
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Puppis is the only son of Vella on planet Equellus.

His father was a marooned Colonial Warrior called Martin, killed by the Cylon "Red-Eye" when Puppis was barely a yahren old.

Puppis is fond of numos and is a farm hand for his family's farm. His attitude reminds Apollo very much of Boxey. Shortly after Apollo's arrival, Puppis sneaked out of his room at night to chase the Lupus who tore their sheeps. Apollo rides after the boy and spots him shortly after Puppis kills the lupus with his Numo. The two then ride back to the farm and talk about growing up.

Puppis is present when his uncle, Bootes, is shot by Red-Eye in a duel at the saloon. In his anger, Puppis shoots Red-Eye with his numo; Apollo intervenes in Red-Eye's retaliation by smashing Puppis' numo, saving the angry boy's life in the process.

Later, after Apollo discovers Red-Eye's origins from Macy, Apollo duels the menace and vanquishes it from the town, forcing Lacerta and his sycophants to flee. Following this showdown, Puppis revises his opinion of Apollo, excitedly re-enacting the laser duel much to the horror of both Vella and Apollo. When Puppis expressed the wish to become a "hero" like Apollo, the latter explained to him that his actions were not heroic: they were borne from necessity and the overcoming his own fears.

After Apollo's return to the Fleet, Puppis remains on Equellus with his mother, hoping to see Apollo again... (TOS: "The Lost Warrior").