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Sickbay (TRS: "The Captain's Hand").

The attending doctor in sickbay is Doctor Cottle, but there are lab coat-wearing specialists, nurses and paramedics, such as Layne Ishay, Howard Kim and Sashon, to assist him.

The sickbay seems to have the equipment of a basic small hospital (beds, stretchers, IV's), but is relatively spartan otherwise. It is also equipped with a machine similar to a magnetic resonance imaging scanner.

According to Lee Adama, the sickbay is also designed as a disaster shelter in the event of a ship catastrophe (TRS: "Valley of Darkness").


Galactica also possesses a morgue, which can be accessed through Baltar's lab ("The Farm," "Sacrifice"). The lab itself is located in the starboard forward section of the ship (TRS: "Six Degrees of Separation").

Major characters who have spent time in sickbay[edit]