General Maxwell

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General Maxwell
General Maxwell


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Introduced Experiment in Terra
Children Brenda Maxwell
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Role Military officer for Nationalists of Terra
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Portrayed by Ken Swofford
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General Maxwell is a career military officer for the Nationalists of Terra as well as father to Brenda Maxwell, his only child apparently. He knows Colonel Charlie Watts, and probably is his superior, along with Colonel Stone, whom he calls "Stoney". He has some sort of friendship with President Arends, whom he is forced to investigate later on after Arends began shutting out the Nationalist Precedium. He attempts to bypass the Eastern Alliance forces of Lunar One to gather intelligence on the happenings there. His reconnaissance mission fails and he returns to Terra.

After returning to Terra, he visits his daughter who told him that Charlie (actually Apollo) is also back on Terra. With this knowledge, he has vital information to report. However, Brace and his officers take "Charlie" away after Brenda contacts them. He chastises her, not that it mattered, as he and Brenda are captured and brought to "Charlie." Apollo tries to convince the three Terrans that he isn't Charlie Watts, but fails until Starbuck rescues them.

General Maxwell, Stone and the Warriors attempt to get an audience with President Arends, but are unable to do so alone. In front of the entire Precedium, he (and, later on, Apollo) attempts to convince Arends and the Precedium members that the Nationalists would not agree to the peace treaty. Sure enough, they are right. As the Alliance starts their attack, Maxwell derisively tells Arends to frame the treaty fast because they would all be dead within six minutes.

Galactica, however, manages to destroy all the nuclear weaponry, scaring the Alliance into accepting the peace accord. When Maxwell tries to thank Apollo and solicit Colonial technology, John pulls him out of the Precedium (TOS: "Experiment in Terra").