Charlie Watts

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For people with the same first name, see: Charlie.

Colonel Charlie Watts is a soldier for the Nationalists of Terra. He has performed special missions for General Maxwell and President Arends; he abruptly left Brenda Maxwell six weeks prior to Apollo's arrival on Terra. At some point he was captured by the Eastern Alliance, and is held prisoner on Lunar One, according to John.

John has Apollo assume Charlie's identity in order to attempt to convince the Terrans to avoid an impending nuclear holocaust. Apollo is greeted on Terra by Brenda Maxwell, who apparently has been romantically involved with Charlie Watts prior to his capture. "Charlie"'s erratic behavior prompts Brenda to contact Nationalist security forces, and Apollo is apprehended.

John describes Watts as "something of a scoundrel" and a handsome man (TOS: "Experiment in Terra").