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Viper (2003 Video Game)

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Viper (2003 Video Game)
Viper (2003 Video Game)
Race: Colonial
Type: Military
Crew: 1 pilot
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XO: {{{xo}}}
Role: Space superiority fighter
Weapons: 2 laser weapons, conventional missiles
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Defenses: {{{def}}}
Aircraft: {{{aircraft}}}
Aviation facilities: {{{facilities}}}
Fate: Active
Emblem: [[Image:{{{patch}}}|175px|Ship's patch]]
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Length: {{{length}}}
Width: {{{width}}}
Height: {{{height}}}
Weight: {{{weight}}}
Wingspan: {{{wingspan}}}
Other: {{{otherdi}}}
Game Information
Cost: {{{construction}}}
Construction Time: {{{construction}}}
Hull Size: {{{hull size}}}
Hull: {{{hull}}}
FTL Cooldown: {{{ftl cooldown}}} turns
Speed: {{{speed}}} m/s
Turn Rate: {{{turn rate}}}°/turn
Armor Sum
Armor Total: {{{armor total}}}
Armor Left: {{{armor left}}}
Armor Right: {{{armor right}}}
Armor Front: {{{armor front}}}
Armor Rear: {{{armor rear}}}
Armor Top: {{{armor top}}}
Armor Bottom: {{{armor bottom}}}
DRADIS Range: {{{dradis range}}} m
Processing Power: {{{processing power}}}
Munition Slots: {{{munitions}}}
Munition Cooldown Period: {{{munition cooldown}}} turns
Squadron Slots: {{{squadrons}}}
Special Abilities: {{{special abilities}}}
Additional Information

Within the 2003 Battlestar Galactica video game, three variants of Viper are available: the Mark I, which is designed to be an earlier version of the original series Viper; the Mark II, which is largely based on the Original Series Viper, and the Mark III, which is described as "superior to the Mark II in every respect". The Mark III is distinctive because of its two-seat cockpit and the lack of the characteristic dorsal fin common to most Viper designs. The Mark III is also known as the Strike Viper. [citation needed]


  • The 2003 "Battlestar Galactica" video game has its own continuity that uses elements from both the Original Series and the Re-imagined Series. Despite the naming, these fighters should not be considered to be predecessors or successors to the Re-imagined Series' Mark II or Mark VII models.
  • The Mark III Strike Viper was originally known as the Scorpion Viper. [citation needed]

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