Galleon Meadow

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An atmospheric shuttle in the Galleon Meadow

The Galleon Meadow is a location on Kobol where the thirteen tribes completed their respective journeys away from Kobol aboard a "great ship" called the "galleon," as written in the Sacred Scrolls.

A rocky ridge, the beginning of the High Road, as seen from the Galleon Meadow

The meadow's exact location is known, and it is the nearest landmark on the path to the Tomb of Athena. From the Meadow one can see the High Road, a rocky ridge leading in the direction of the tomb.

The Faction that sought the Tomb landed here from the Astral Queen following the cooperative Caprica copy of Cylon infiltrator Sharon Valerii on their journey (TRS: "Home, Part I").


  • The line, quoted by Caprica-Valerii, replying to Elosha's reading, is: "And the 'great ship' was the Galleon that departed from here, where we're standing. And it took the founders of the thirteen colonies 'to their destiny.' And those that didn't board the galleon 'took the high road...' the rocky ridge that led to the tomb." The dialogue appears to contradict later information in the Re-imagined Series that the Thirteenth Tribe left Kobol some 2,000 years prior to the exodus of the remaining twelve tribes. However, Valerii's line suggests that the founders of all thirteen tribes were the last to leave, implying that the bulk of the tribes had left earlier. As the information from "Home, Part I" and "The Eye of Jupiter" is unclear, a continuity error may be present.