Dipper (TOS)

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For information on a Re-imagined Series character with the same name, see: Jackson "Dipper" Spencer.

Dipper (TOS)
Dipper (TOS)


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Introduced The Magnificent Warriors
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Portrayed by Eric Server
Dipper (TOS) is a Cylon
Dipper (TOS) is a Final Five Cylon
Dipper (TOS) is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Dipper (TOS) is an Original Series Cylon
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Dipper is the subservient and dull-minded lackey of Serenity's administrator, Sire Bogan. After the previous constable, Farnes, dies in a show of vain force against the Borays, Dipper points out that no one would be crazy enough to take the job.

They find their answer when Boomer and Starbuck arrive to trade an energizer for agro seed. After rejecting the offer, Sire Bogan sends Dipper and Duggy to ensure Starbuck and Boomer return to Serenity by stealing the energizer from them.

Dipper eventually finds that Starbuck has a winning streak in chancery games, and helps inspire Bogan to bet the constable's badge for Serenity in the card game (TOS: "The Magnificent Warriors").