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Colony Planet Sectar
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Introduced The Magnificent Warriors
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Role Governor of Serenity
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Portrayed by Barry Nelson
Bogan is a Cylon
Bogan is a Final Five Cylon
Bogan is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Sire Bogan is the head of the agron town of Serenity on planet Sectar. As the governor, Bogan oversees the appointment and death of countless ill-armed and ill-trained constables. He refuses Starbuck and Boomer's offer for the unmarked energizer given to the Colonials by Siress Belloby. Upon their departure, he orders his henchmen, Dipper and Duggy, to steal the energizer and stow it in a storage lot. When Starbuck attempts to gain funds to procure seed that the Fleet needs to regain its food stores, he is conned into winning the badge of the constable.

Circumstances intervene and Starbuck manages to hammer out a deal between the Borays and the townspeople of Serenity, with everyone eventually getting what they wanted in the first place. Bogan promises the Colonial Warriors that he would clean up his act (TOS: "The Magnificent Warriors").