Computers in the Caprica Series

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Computers in the Caprica series are both seen and used as conveniences, with the greater improvements in computer technology reserved for the financially well-off.

Computing circa 42YR is often deployed in numerous interfaces, including a mix of e-sheets, touchscreen monitor interfaces, standard computers of both laptop and desktop configurations, and via holoband V-world networks.

While mobile telephones are prevalent in Colonial society, the prevalence of a "smart phone" does not seem to have held in the upper-crust of Caprican society, relying solely on holoband and e-sheet technology for texting (CAP: "Pilot" and "Reins of a Waterfall").

Digital Networks

The digital networks of the Twelve Colonies appear to be interconnected in real-time, suggesting high-speed wireless technologies between the Colonies.

Each colony appears to have its own unique three-letter identifier for sites, otherwise known as a Colony code top-level domain[1], e.g. .cap for Caprica (CAP: "Retribution").

Interconnected Homes

The Graystone Estate is an example of an interconnected home, which features interconnected electronic security systems housing its own digital server with satellite backup, in addition to visual window-screens in lieu of separate television sets.

A robotic butler of virtual intelligence, Serge, offers a practical means of interface for guests (CAP: "Pilot", "Rebirth" and "Reins of a Waterfall"). Its use is off-putting to some, such as Clarice Willow, and suggests that such technology is nascent (CAP: "Know Thy Enemy").


  1. This is a Battlestar Wiki descriptive term. It is analogous to the Internet's country code top-level domain reserved for Colonies, although it appears to be used similarly to standard de facto trinity of non-country top-level domains, e.g. .com, .net, or .org.