BREAKING: Amanda Graystone reveals family link to MAGLEV bombing

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"My daughter was a terrorist. I'm sorry."

BREAKING: Amanda Graystone reveals family link to MAGLEV bombing is a The Caprican News article written by Caleb Barlow. It was printed in Februarius 8, YR42.


The story of MAGLEV Train #23 just gets weirder and weirder. Attendants of the Apollo Park memorial service were stunned when Amanda Graystone, wife of Graystone Industries CEO Daniel Graystone, broke down during an emotional speech and revealed her daughter, Zoe's, link to the Soldiers of the One and the attack that killed hundreds of Capricans. What motivated this revelation was unclear, but Dr. Graystone, a respected surgeon at Caprica General Hospital, was quickly whisked off stage and into a waiting car, leaving a puzzled, and increasingly angry, crowd with nothing but questions.

Full text of Dr. Graystone's shocking statement after the jump.

Here is a full transcript of the stunning statement by Dr. Amanda Graystone at the Apollo Park memorial service:

"My daughter had a whole life and a boyfriend that I knew nothing about. Beliefs that I don't understand at all. Looking back, I think that she only showed me what she wanted me to see. I just didn't know her.

You've all talked about how guilty you feel. It's our job; we create life, and then one day, we have to face who they are. What they become and what they do. My daughter, Zoe Graystone, died in the bombing of MAGLEV Train #23. But I think she may have caused it....My daughter was part o the Soldiers of the One. My daughter was a terrorist. I'm sorry."

No further statement has been issued by the Graystones or by the Global Defense Department, and attempts to contact members of the Graystone family have, so far, been unsuccessful. Stay tuned for more as we explore what must be a shocking turn of events for any Caprica City resident.

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