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Introduced The Magnificent Warriors
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Role Lead Agro Specialist, Agro Ship 9
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Portrayed by Olan Soulé
Carmichael is a Cylon
Carmichael is a Final Five Cylon
Carmichael is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Carmichael is an Original Series Cylon
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Carmichael is the Lead Agro Specialist on board Agro Ship 9.

Carmichael informs Colonel Tigh that, in order to procure food to feed the Fleet, they would need to obtain new seeds of a variety of edible agro plants (TOS: "The Magnificent Warriors").

He is also present when Count Iblis "miraculously" manages to grow large amounts of edible food on the agro ship. Like the rest of the Fleet, he is lead to believe that this is a "miracle" from Iblis, however it turns out to be just another trick to take the Fleet on a journey of his own evils (TOS: "War of the Gods").

Carmichael observes Iblis kissing Sheba in the ship's gardens, and quickly walks away to avoid being noticed (TOS: "War of the Gods, Part Ideleted scene).