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General Yodel is a high ranking German soldier who arrives at the V-2 rocket base in Peenemünde to oversee its first test.

Unimpressed with Xaviar, Yodel questions the alleged British scientist's credentials, claiming that the Nazis have been following Britain's scientific community very closely and have never heard of anyone named "Xaviar" (1980: "Galactica Discovers Earth, Part II").

He is displeased when the test fails, thanks to the efforts of Dillon who destroys the rocket with his laser pistol. After this, he orders that Xaviar be executed, accusing him of being a spy (1980: "Galactica Discovers Earth, Part III").

Novelization depiction

In the novelization by Michael Resnick, this character is named Wilhelm Yodel[1]. Yodel orders Oberleutnant Branham with a detail of 30 men to search for a detail of 9 soldiers that are incapacitated by Warriors Troy and Dillon. After finding them apparently unharmed, he recommends that the commander of the unit receive a court martial and orders the soldiers in that unit to be transferred to the Russian Front.[1] Further, he is outspoken in his hatred for Adolf Hitler and notes that, much to Colonel Conrad Werner's displeasure, the Germans are losing the war and the resources invested in the V2 program are better spent on weapons that are proven to work.[2]


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