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This page is an official policy of Battlestar Wiki.
This policy is considered by the community and its leadership to be the status quo of Battlestar Wiki and is not to be countermanded or ignored, though changes to it can be discussed on the appropriate talk page. This policy was implemented on 23 October 2006.
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Separate continuity articles discuss the content of official products whose characters, events and situations differ in significant context from aired episodes and their characters, situations and events that form the canon of the Original Series, Galactica 1980 or the Re-imagined Series. Separate continuity products have the official endorsement of the license holder for Battlestar Galactica, but the content of the product is (by design or contract) not created or controlled by the license holder.

In a nutshell, marking articles on Battlestar Wiki in this manner allows the wiki to host articles on these officially-licensed stories without causing confusion and inaccuracies in mixing this otherwise non-canonical data with aired, canonical episode data in the same article.

The {{separate continuity}} tag should be placed at the top of such articles to indicate that the content of this article may be based on an aired series, but has content that has significant differences from the aired series that it must be treated as a separate continuity to avoid contraditions with canonical episodes.

Do not use the {{separate continuity}} tag for fan fiction; Battlestar Wiki is not a repository for such information. This tag is for use only on officially published or manufactured items such as comics or books that have significant variations from the aired series' content.

Articles tagged as separate continuity will show a banner that notes the article's closest relation to a canonical continuity. The icon in the banner shows Commander William Adama with a goatee as an in-joke to the original Star Trek episode, "Mirror, Mirror," where the evil version of Mr. Spock sports a goatee. This reference has been a popular and humorous way of late to describe alternate-universe stories and events in popular literary and media circles.

To create a separate continuity article:

  1. Create your article, adding the {{separate continuity}} template above all other content of the article, except disambiguations.
  2. Feel free to make links to canonical articles related to the separate continuity article. For instance, Zak Adama has a presence in both the Miniseries and "Act of Contrition", but is a character in the Battlestar Galactica 0 comic. However, do NOT add any separate-continuity references or information to the canonical articles.
  3. Don't attempt to add the Separate Continuity category to the end of the article. This is added automatically when the {{separate continuity}} template is used.
  4. Use all the relevant categories for your article. Chances are, you will need to add the article to the books, comics, or merchandise categories.


  • Given Glen Larson's expressed wish of Galactica 1980 being merely "Starbuck's bad dream," the characters and situations presented in that series are considered by the Battlestar Wiki to take place in an "alternate universe" from the Original Series, and separate from the Primary Original Series canon. (Galactica 1980 is like J.J. Abrams Star Trek film in that way, as both depict an alternate timeline with connections from the Prime Universe depicted by its predecessors.) Even with this being the case, it is unnecessary to mark Galactica 1980 articles with any separate continuity templates, in much the same way we do not mark articles about subjects from the Re-imagined Series or its prequels, Caprica and Blood and Chrome.
  • As characters, events and situations appear from novels, games, and other licensed works based on the Re-imagined Series universe, contributors are encouraged to add new articles on these items to Battlestar Wiki, as long as the article is properly differentiated from its canonical parent by name and the separate continuity markers.