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File:BSG WIKI Inactive Policy.png This is an inactive policy of Battlestar Wiki.
Due to the airing of "Razor". It remains for historical reasons and may be used as a template for future policies, should the need for those arise.
This page is an official policy of Battlestar Wiki.
This policy is considered by the community and its leadership to be the status quo of Battlestar Wiki and is not to be countermanded or ignored, though changes to it can be discussed on the appropriate talk page. This policy was implemented on 6 November 2007.

This page covers our policy on dealing with material from "Razor", which was leaked out on the Internet around October 30-31 and then subsequently spread.

Permitted material

As previously noted, all material pertaining to "Razor" is still considered a spoiler per our spoiler policy until its airing on November 24, 2007. Even despite the advance screening on November 12th.

However, in light of the leak, we are allowing contributors to update or add new content based on "Razor". However, we have a special way of doing this, so as to avoid spoiling users of Battlestar Wiki who don't like spoilers.

Major "Razor" pages

Articles that are massively affected by "Razor" should have any "Razor"-rich content subpaged. Meaning the article on Scylla should not be modified with "Razor" content, but instead a subpage of that article should be created. Using the Scylla example, the main article is copy and pasted in to Scylla/Razor, with a disambiguation notice on the top of the Scylla page indicating that the "Razor"-included content is on that subpage. Once copy and pasted, users can add "Razor" material to the subpage, adding a {{spoiler}} tag on the very top of the page for any wayward, lost souls.

Such pages include: Kendra Shaw, Helena Cain, Gina

Minor "Razor" pages

Any pages that have had minor impact from "Razor" should have "Razor" content encased in {{spoiltext}} and {{spoilli}} templates, with a {{spoiler}} note affixed to the very top of such pages. Please consult Battlestar Wiki:Spoiler Policy for details on using those templates.

Such pages include: Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Marcia Case, Hoshi

"Razor" specific pages

Any pages specific solely to "Razor" should be subpaged off of Razor itself. For instance, the character of Gus should have the page name of Razor/Gus.

Also, in relation to pages such as Gus, a brief page should be made with the name of the ship, item or character and tagged with {{razor}}, which will place a notice directing people to the namespaced page, should they wish to read it. This avoids people from being spoiled.


Any subpaged "Razor" content will be merged or moved into the main namespace on or after November 25th.

Non-permitted material

We will immediately delete any audio, video and image content directly derived from "Razor", since all content can only come from one source: the illegal screener. Admittedly, we're skating the ice when it comes to adding the excessive litany of details from "Razor", but you can't stop the signal, and we aim to misbehave -- a little bit. ;-)

With that being said, other than the warnings already posted in the site notice, the blog and this policy page, no deletion or banning warnings will be given when the offense is committed. In addition, we will block any member that violates this policy immediately with a ban lasting up to and including one month. The only person who can overturn, reduce, or lengthen such bans is Joe Beaudoin Jr., the legal point of contact for Battlestar Wiki.

On November 25th, audio, video and image content from "Razor" will be permitted, since such content can be safely derived from the aired version.

Although, please note that we would still prefer that the content come from the official DVD, which is slated to be released December 4th.

Questions, comments, and concerns...

Should be directed at the talk page!