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This page is an official policy of Battlestar Wiki.
This policy is considered by the community and its leadership to be the status quo of Battlestar Wiki and is not to be countermanded or ignored, though changes to it can be discussed on the appropriate talk page. This policy was implemented on 31 July 2005.
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Battlestar Wiki is

  • free as in beer and speech, therefore you can use our content and access it without monetary charges,
  • editable by all, allowing you to add, modify or extend the articles and offerings of our wiki.
  • an episode guide with analysis supported by aired episodes and other official sources.
  • an encyclopedia of information from all facets of the official "Battlestar Galactica" universe, including episodes, printed media, and other official matter.
  • a dictionary of Battlestar terminology.
  • one to respect copyrights. Therefore, if you are to use content from this Wiki, make sure that you either have "fair use" laws in your country (for the Universal HD' copyrighted content) and make sure you distribute our users original works under the applicable copyleft license. (i.e. Creative Commons or Wikipedia:GNU Free Documentation License).
  • a community.
  • worked on by fans such as yourself. Everyone can contribute: you can copyedit or notify us of areas where we your fellow fans can focus more on.
  • a work in progress. If you see something that needs to be added, amended, removed, or checked, you can either do it yourself or let someone else know it needs to be done. Very few websites give you the instant power needed to affect a positive (or any!) change at all.

To see what we are not, see: "What Battlestar Wiki is not".