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This is the list of former cast and crew of the Re-imagined Series and its spin-off Caprica who have appeared or worked on the television series Sanctuary.


Actor Character Episode
Leah Cairns Tatha "Fata Morgana"
Terry Chen Charles "Kali"
Kurt Evans Agent Gavin Crealy "Monsoon"
Vincent Gale Nigel Griffin "For King and Country", "Normandy"
Lara Gilchrist Cassidy Turner "Untouchable"
Rob Hayter Vampire #1
"The Five"
Nimet Kanji Pili "Kali, Part 1", "Firewall"
Brian Markinson Craig Addison "Untouchable"
Kandyse McClure Meg "Sanctuary for All"—"Fata Morgana"
Shaker Paleja Ravi "Kali", "Firewall", "Carentan", "Out of the Blue"
Ryan Robbins Henry Foss Entire Series Run
Panou Sylvio Rudd "Sanctuary for All", "Kush"
Ron Selmour Kanaan "Kali, Part 3"—"Firewall", "Pax Romana"
Kavan Smith Detective Joe Kavanaugh "Sanctuary for All", "Edward"
Emilie Ullerup Ashley Magnus "Sanctuary for All"—"Eulogy"
Polly Walker Ranna Seneschal "Hollow Men"—"Pax Romana"
Peter Wingfield James Watson "Revelations", "For King and Country", "Normandy", and "Tempus"
Françoise Yip Dr. Lillian Lee "Hangover", "Into the Black", "Uprising"


Crew Credit Episode
Rob Hayter Fight Coordinator
Stunt Coordinator
Stunt Double
"Sanctuary for All, Part 1", "The Five", "Warriors", "End of Nights", "Haunted", "Hero 2: Broken Arrow", "For King and Country", "Hollow Men", "Into the Black", "Tempus"
"Folding Man", "Warriors", "End of Nights", "Fragments", "Veritas", "Penance", "Kali, Part 3", "Bank Job", "Hollow Men", "Carentan", "Untouchable"
(for Jonathon Young) "Haunted", "Hero 2: Broken Arrow", (for Ian Tracey) "Breach"