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Ring Nebula Discussion?

Did I miss the discussion on the Eye of Jupiter's connection to the Ring Nebula? They mention on Wikipedia that it was used in nBSG, plus that's what I thought the eye was once I saw the picture Helo showed Starbuck. It would be ingenious if it were because it is known as one of the few prolate spheroids that points directly at Earth, thus it would be a great arrow. When reading about the writers' discussion on how use the supernova in Rapture to lead the way to Earth, I was greatly disappointed they didn't use the fact that some supernovas can have a prolate spheriod shape. I hope they use it in season 4.

Correction, the type of nebula I was talking about is referred to as bipolar nebula. And for those tracking changes, I moved this comment from the episode titled "They Eye of Jupiter" talk page as it's more relivant here.--DuMan 15:43, 6 July 2007 (CDT)

Interesting that you mention it, although I haven't time to play with the connections. The first waypoint to Earth was the Laguna Nebula. The second waypoint is the Lion's Head Nebula. The third, via the Eye, is the Ionian nebula. Lots of clouds can't be random on the part of the writers. And Starbuck hangs out in the clouds herself (Maelstrom, Crossroads, Part II) although that's a bit of a fanwank of coincidence. Try Earth (RDM), where we've noted these waypoints in a little detail. The Lion's Head was, if I recall, similar to the Ring Nebula. Very similar. You might also see The Destiny, where we've chronicled Starbuck's history with the Eye and the path she walks. --Spencerian 16:46, 6 July 2007 (CDT)