Shannon Adama

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Shannon Adama
Shannon Adama


Colony Tauron (moved to Caprica)
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Introduced Caprica pilot
Death Killed in the bombing of Maglev 23 (CAP: "Pilot")
Parents Ruth (mother)
Children Tamara Adama† (daughter)
William "Willie" Adama† (son)
Marital Status Married to Joseph Adama
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Portrayed by Anna Galvin
Shannon Adama is a Cylon
Shannon Adama is a Final Five Cylon
Shannon Adama is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Shannon Adama is an Original Series Cylon
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Shannon Adama (a.k.a. Shannon Adams) is the daughter of Ruth, wife of Joseph Adama, and mother of Tamara and William "Willie" Adama.

In 42YR (58 BCH), Adama is killed in a terrorist bombing on Maglev 23 that also claims Tamara's life. The bomber is Ben Stark, a member of the Soldiers of the One. Adama is survived by her husband, her son, and her mother, who lives with the family. She and her husband were both Taurons living on Caprica (CAP: "Pilot").

Her death spurs Ruth to aggressively agonize Joseph Adama in seizing vengeance against the Greystones (CAP: "Rebirth" and "Reins of a Waterfall").

Family tree

William Adama Sr.
Isabelle Adama
Sam Adama
Evelyn Adama
Joseph Adama
Shannon Adama
Carolanne Adama
William "Bill" Adama
Tamara Adama
William "Willie" Adama
Zak Adama
Lee Adama
Anastasia Dualla