Season 3 gag reel

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"Here, Cally, and take your demon child with you!"

The producers of the Re-imagined Series released a gag reel of humorous outtakes and gag scenes from production of Season 3.

The 13-minute video has not been commercially released, but can be found on various video sharing websites.

Among the humorous tidbits are:

  • Several Viper outtakes with Katee Sackhoff, including one in which she ad-libs whistling "Girl from Ipanema" and another in which she gets an itch on her nose but can't scratch it because of her helmet.
  • Baltar, in a flight suit, runs towards a Raptor, but fails to clear the door and bangs his head on the slowly rising door.
  • Various boxing scenes from "Unfinished Business" set to the song "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor, including
    • While Adama gets boxing advice from Roslin, Donnelly Rhodes' cellphone goes off to which Edward James Olmos says "You better answer that quick. It might be my mother."
    • Aaron Douglas confuses Adama's rank and corrects himself: "Commander...Admiral, whatever the fuck you are." To which Olmos replies "He's lucky I'm a good guy!"
    • Katee Sackhoff shouts at Apollo/Jamie Bamber that "you're getting beaten like a little bitch!," causing Grace Park to crack up laughing.
    • Michael Hogan does a little sparring in the ring between shots.
  • A clever series of sound edits using an animated simulation of U.S. President George Bush, in which Bush recites the show's opening mission statement ("The Cylons were created by man...") ending with "And, unlike me, they have a plan. Thank you."
  • A couple of gay jokes at Alessandro Juliani's expense, as Gaeta comes on the the marine guarding Baltar and later is woken up from a dream, right after he dreamingly utters the name "Gaius".
  • Nicki Clyne and Aaron Douglas toying around with a prop of baby Nicholas Tyrol, and an outtake in which the real infant portraying Nicholas attempts to nurse from Nicki's arm.
  • Olmos, on hearing Gaius Baltar's voice at the start of the episode "The Eye of Jupiter," tells Baltar to "eat shit and die."
  • Tricia Helfer and Lucy Lawless failing not to notice the extra "abilities" of a naked James Callis during a scene from "Collaborators". See the episode's article for comments from Lawless about this incident.
  • Another naked James outtake in which he improvises the introduction to a new TV show, Baltar's Basestar.
  • Sackhoff pretends to reveal a spoiler, which is followed by scene from the movie Halloween Resurrection in which a woman (played by Sackhoff) gets her head cut off in a very unconvincing way.
  • Several fart jokes (including one with a near-payload) committed by Olmos in various scenes, to the nasal consternation of Mary McDonnell, Michael Hogan and others.
  • A very wet long fart committed by Ryan Robbins during a scene with the Circle. As others react in laughter and disgust, Katee Sackhoff yells, "There was a line! There was a line and you went over it!" As a shock joke, the moment from the televised version where Tigh slams Charlie Connor's head into the table is edited into the middle of the blooper.
  • Mary McDonnell and Olmos in a scene from "Hero," with McDonnell ad-libbing about Adama's plan to resign, saying, "I think you're having a (frakking)'re out of your (frakking) mind!"
  • Olmos and McDonnell in a scene from "Unfinished Business" where Olmos asks if she has a "joint", and McDonnell says, "Yep" and pretends to pull one from her blouse.
  • When Adama has the phone conversation with his son in "Occupation" about the botched excerise, Olmos mispronounces "scenario" causing Tahmoh Penikett to start laughing, after which Olmos ends the take with " the hell are we gonna pull this off? Huh? Tell me! Up your ass too! Thank you."
  • Tricia Helfer and Lucy Lawless jokingly gyrate against each other in a scene from "Hero," with Lawless telling the cameraman "put that on your perv tape!"
  • A tribute to Number Three, including outtakes of Lawless tripping over both her lines and her feet.
  • Two Colonial One mishaps: one in which Tricia Helfer bumps her head on a low ceiling and another in which Rekha Sharma nearly pokes her eye out with the corner of Baltar's portrait in a scene from "Hero".
  • A doubled up blooper in which Dean Stockwell, acting against a greenscreen version of himself as Cavil messes up a line, calling the humans "The Poop People". His greenscreen counterpart then accidentially says "fuck" instead of "frak" and cracks up.
  • Michael Hogan and Kate Vernon fooling around between takes on "Unfinished Business".
  • Olmos breaking into laughter during his otherwise-serious confession scene in "Hero".
  • A mock dream sequence where Adama and Roslin talk quietly (in a scene from "Taking A Break From All Your Worries") Roslin appears to dream of Olmos as clips play of a younger, sleeker Olmos swimming in the ocean, while Olmos imagines McDonnell as a clip of the actress in her role as "Stands With A Fist" from Dances With Wolves plays. The scene ends when Adama says "So, what do we do?" and turns off the light in a humorous suggestion of some sexual hijinks.

The clip ends with a message congratulating the cast and crew to a "kickass season 3" and a BSG themed rap song.

Other outtakes

So far the Season 3 gag reel is the only one to be widely disseminated. Other bloopers have been shown at conventions and low-quality clips taken from the audience have appeared on the Net.

Also widely circulated is a series of outtakes by the cast during recording sessions for various Sci Fi Channel promos during Season 1, during which most have difficulty saying the name of their series, although James Callis tries to save his take by changing the name of the series to Baltarstar Galactica.