Kobol (RDM alternate)

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Kobol was the home of both mankind and Cylons.

Up to 4000 BCH, the planet was divided up into twelve tribes and governed by the Quorum of Twelve, itself initially comprising of 12 members until deadlocks forced the inclusion of a Thirteenth Tribe. This Thirteenth Tribe consisted of people who were atheists, adapting technology to transfer themselves into synthetic bodies and create the Resurrection process later passed down to the Cylons created by the Twelve Tribes of Man.

The Schism

After Pythia warns the people of Kobol about the fall of Kobol and declares that the way to "salvation" was to dispose of the beliefs in the Gods and dissolve the Quorum, she is sentenced to death as a heretic. However, her words fuel rage amongst the Thirteen Tribes; the believers in the Gods against the atheists of the Thirteenth Tribe. Soon after, the planet plunged into chaos (murders of the Thirteenth Tribe's members, burnings of libraries, and other acts of devastation) and forced the exile of the Thirteenth Tribe, who fled the planet after their resurrection facility was destroyed (Battlestar Galactica: The Final Five 1).

Locations on Kobol

The city, later known to the Colonials as the "City of the Gods," featured the Quorum house.

Before the Exodus from Kobol, there were two additional places of note:

  • Library of Hephaestus, one of many libraries looted by polytheistic Kobollians so that its books can be burnt, as knowledge was viewed as "filth."
  • Maniae Asylum, the mental institution where Pythia is kept and treated while waiting to be tried and, later, executed by burning.