Michael Tigh

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Michael Tigh
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Birth place Kobol
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Introduced Battlestar Galactica: The Final Five 1
Death *1. Stabbed and killed by Magnus Baltar during the Thirteenth Tribe's Exodus, The Final Five 1;
*2. Dies from old age & natural causes on Earth - Final Death Permenant(2,000 BCH), "The Final Five 4"
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Michael Tigh is a Cylon
Michael Tigh is a Final Five Cylon
Michael Tigh is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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[[Image:|200px|Michael Tigh]]

Michael Tigh was a Humanoid Cylon and a member of the Thirteenth Tribe.

Born on Kobol over 4,000 years ago before Fall of the Twelve Colonies, Michael served as the representative of his tribe in the Quorum of Thirteen, which was consistenly made up entirely of Humanoid Cylons.

During his life, Tigh develops an interest with the heretic young woman known as: Pythia, during her incarceration at the Maniae Asylum, in which in his frequent visits with her, leads him to develop a romantic interest in her. Pythia confides in Tigh regarding her visions of the blond woman in a red dress, who brings the Word of God, which they keep to themselves, although Tigh admits that he doesn't believe in her divine messagers and beliefs. It is assumed that Pythia also develops a romantic interest and feelings towards Michael, possibly due to his curiousity in her or his frequent visits.

As Pythia advocates the dissolution of the Quorum of Twelve and its hold over the people on Kobol, she is later publicly tried as a heretic and sentenced to immolation, thus fueling tensions between the atheistic Thirteenth Tribe and the polytheistic Twelve Tribes.

While standing on the steps of the Quorum building outside, Tigh is approached by a hooded man, who then knifes him, killing him. Tigh later awakens in the main resurrection facility on Kobol, where he is informed by another Cylon that other members of the Thirteenth Tribe are now rioting in the streets because there will be no investigation into his "death," and are being met by equal violence from human rioters.

Tigh has a confrontation with another member of the Quorum, who decides that the Thirteenth Tribe's seat should be abolished. She is revealed to be working with the same man, Magnus, that killed Tigh. As Magnus attempts to kill Tigh again, Tigh flees and rushes to rescue Pythia from asylym, whilest ordering all members of the Thirteenth Tribe to begin departing from Kobol.

Pythia's sentence doesn't come to pass as Kobol soon falls into chaos, forcing the exodus of the Thirteenth. Despite having gotten to Pythia first and attempting to flee back to the Thirteenth Tribe's Resurrection facility, Pythia is shot and killed by Magnus Baltar, and is unable to be resurrected by the Thirteenth Tribe as a Cylon. As Tigh is devestated by Pythia's death and his inability to save her, he later leads the Thirteenth Tribe to find a new homeworld, which Pythia had spoke of to him earlier, after the tribe is exiled from Kobol. (Battlestar Galactica: The Final Five 1)

As the fleet of the Thirteenth Tribe ships now depart Kobol, Tigh is soon greeted by Head Six - the same blond entity who once appeared to Pythia, and says that she has so much to tell him.

After the Thirteenth Tribe's exodus from Kobol and the tribe's discovery of the Algae planet and later Earth, Tigh would later marry Pythia and have a son: Saul Tigh, who would later become a member of the legendary Final Five. He would also become leader of the tribe, for over 2,000 years before his son assumed leadership upon his death.