Jon Parker

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Jon Parker
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Colony Caprica
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Introduced Things We Lock Away
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Portrayed by Thomas Saunders
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[[Image:|200px|Jon Parker]]

Jon Parker is the chairman of the board of directors of Graystone Industries.

In response to a spontaneous and risky decision by Daniel Graystone to donate all holoband profits to charity (CAP: "Gravedancing"), Parker co-sponsors a motion to remove Graystone as the corporation's CEO. Before the board members vote, Graystone gives a dramatic presentation proposing to make U-87s and subsequent Cylon technology the new foundation of the corporation's business, ultimately defeating Parker's motion (CAP: "There is Another Sky").

Sometime later, Parker calls for a meeting of the board to replace the new Graystone Industries CEO, Tomas Vergis. Parker quietly ignores Vergis' angry demand to explain the surprise move, and joins the unanimous vote to reinstate Graystone (CAP: "Things We Lock Away").