Insignia (TOS)

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This article covers the various insignia in the Original Series, from arm patches to emblems.

Battestar-specific insignia, pins and patches

Each battlestar has its own unique arm patches and pins.


Galactica has a set of emblems. The ship's seal is a circle with a collection of small gold triangles in a circular formation [1].

The pilot helmets are decorated with a hawk-like creature, whereas the pins are shaped in the form of a eight-arm star, much like a compass legend on a map. In the middle of this pin is a regular five-arm star [2].

In a deleted scene from "Saga of a Star World," a variant of the main Galactica patch is introduced, though never seen again. This variant has a diamond with yellow embroidery, with one half filled with red, the other filled with a dark color, possibly black. Each half has an outline of a circle.


Pegasus has its own set of emblems. The ship's seal is a red shield with black trim, with a sword flanked adorned with wings in white.[3] One may assume that the wings are those of the winged creature for which the ship is named. The pins that adorn the neckline on their uniforms are also different and are notably more rounder than their Galactica counterpart.

Viper pilots also wear helmets with the bust, wings, and front legs of the Pegasus creature.

In addition, Commander Cain's helmet contains a rectangular ornament plate, which may identify him as a battlestar commander.

Other battlestars

In addition, the exiled Colonial Warrior, Martin, wore a different patch[4] on his Warrior jacket, which Vella is seen carrying after Apollo first encountered Red-Eye (TOS: "The Lost Warrior"). Martin's battlestar is never named in the episode.


The life sciences patch.

Life sciences specialists wear a periwinkle-colored diamond patch on their left arms, with a silver-star surrounded by branches. This patch has a silver trim at its edges.

This patch does not appear until "War of the Gods, Part I," as it is absent in earlier episodes like "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I". In its place was the default Galactica patch.


There are unknown emblems on the walls of the Officer's Club, which may be squadron-related.


  1. This design closely resembles that of the Sri Chakra yantra.
  2. The pin is actually the branch insignia of the United States Army's Military Intelligence (MI) Corps, worn upside-down. Described in the language of heraldry as "(on) a dagger point up, a heralding sun all in gold charged with an oriental blue rose," an illustration of the official MI insignia can be found in the University of Dayton ROTC's webpage under the Branches of the Army.
  3. The patch is actually the early 1950s patch for the United States' 7th Engineer Brigade of the Special Category Army Personnel with the Air Force (SCARWAF).
  4. The patch is similar, if not the same, to the U.S. Army 18th Medical Command.

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