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Galactica "ULTRA" model

The Hasbro Titanium Collection is a series of 3-inch die-cast models of some of the ships featured in the Re-imagined and Original Battlestar Galactica Series. An expansion to include 3.75" figures was planned, but canceled in 2007 after the production of the initial figure, a Cylon Centurion from the Re-imagined Series. [1]

Confirmed models:
All dates are approximated. Actual release dates and releases are subject to change.

Series One (Spring 2006)

Series Two (Summer 2006)

Series Three (2006/2007)

Series Four (2007)

Series Five (2007)

Series Six (2007/2008)

Rumored models:

  • Cylon Heavy Raider (2008) (Cancelled) [9]

Suggested Prices:

  • 3" die-cast ships: $4.99-$7.00 USD
  • 3.75" die-cast figures: $15.99 USD
  • "ULTRA" die-cast ships: $19.99 USD

Release dates:

  • UK: 20th June / 14th August 2006[10]
  • US: May 2006[11]

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