Xander Toth

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Xander Toth
Xander Toth


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Birth Name Xander Toth
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Introduced Blood and Chrome
Death Shot by Centurions, circa 42 BCH
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Role Marine
Rank Technical Sergeant
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Portrayed by John Pyper-Ferguson
Xander Toth is a Cylon
Xander Toth is a Final Five Cylon
Xander Toth is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Xander Toth is a technical sergeant with demolitions expertise assigned to a group of Marines on the planet Djerba in 42 BCH (58YR), during the 10th year of the First Cylon War.

He is the only survivor of the fifty[1]-person group sent to the moon to rendezvous with Graystone Industries scientist Dr. Becca Kelly. He finds the team as they are being harassed by a group of Cythons, and saves Coker Fasjovik from a certain gruesome death. Afterwards, he leads the team to an abandoned ski lodge turned Cylon storage base to weather out a coming storm.

After their arrival, Toth allows Kelly's group some rack time, assuming the first watch. He is later pinned down, and shot by an invading group of unknown Cylons, where he later succumbs to his wounds after destroying his two attackers (TRS: "Blood and Chrome").


  1. The number is revealed in dialogue between Toth and Coker Fasjovik during a deleted scene at the lodge's galley.