Chapter 1 - Celestra (Deadlock)

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Chapter One - Celestra is a Battlestar Galactica Deadlock story mission, the first side-campagin mission in the 'Broken Alliance' side content, that is intertwined with the games' main story.

Chapter One - Celestra
Conflict: First Cylon War
Related Episode(s):
Result: Successful defense of Research Station and Celestra
Colonial Fleet Cylons
Admiral Lucinda Cain Unknown
Two Talons and Revenants One Cerastes
Materiel Losses
Two Talons and Revenants One Cerastes
Various personnel Various Cylons
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Chapter One - Celestra Chapter 2 - Prison Station

Mission Breifing

Helena Agathon on starting the mission:

Commander, we've received an unusual request from the Aquarian Science Forum. There's a Colonial ship in orbit they want removed.
The research vessel was working on a new plating repair technology. The project got Cylon interest, and the research group was forced to abandon the asset and its crew.
There hasn't been much Cylon activity in the area other than that. However, Aquaria wants both Cylon AND Colonial Fleet presence minimized while they prepare for the Kyros Summerfest.
The Forum said we can take the ship and any tech we find on it, as long as we also take the Cylons with us. Whether it's actually theirs to give away is another matter...



Game Rewards