Gates of Hera

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For information on the child of Karl and Sharon Agathon, see Hera Agathon. For information on the Lord of Kobol for which these mountains are named, see Hera, Lord of Kobol.

The Gates of Hera, as seen from a nearby valley ridge

The Gates of Hera are twin mountain peaks on Kobol that mark the entrance to the Tomb of Athena. In the Colonial religion, it is the point from which Athena jumped to her death in despair over the Exodus of the Thirteen Tribes.

The path that leads to the Gates of Hera is lined with ancient gravestones (TRS: "Home, Part II").


  • The Gates of Hera are actually twin peaks just north of Vancouver, where the Re-imagined Series is filmed. They rise prominently over downtown Vancouver and are known locally as The Lions. The scene where they appear was shot facing south, with nearby downtown Vancouver hidden from view by the mountains.