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Battlestar Wiki:Featured pictures/Archive2007

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Featured Picture Archive

This is the archive that is for the dates of January 2007 - December 2007.

January 2007 - Galactica nukes.jpg

Galactica readies her nuclear missiles.

The Eye of Jupiter - "Release of nuclear weapons is now authorized."

February 2007 - LPOG1 - Pressure Suits.png

Female Viper trainees in pressure suits

Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I - A pressure suit, worn beneath the uniform, allows a pilot to survive the g-forces that can be achieved flying a Viper. Perhaps not coincidentally, only females are ever seen in pressure suits.

March 2007 - BaltarTakesASwim.jpg

Baltar swims in a sea of darkness.

Taking a Break From All Your Worries - During his interrogation, under the influence of a hallucinogen, Baltar finds himself swimming alone in a sea of darkness, with Adama's voice the only source of light.

April 2007 - Image:CenturionMortar.jpg

Does this mortar make me look fat?

The Eye of Jupiter - Cylon Centurions prepare to assault the Colonial position on the algae planet.

May 2007 - Image:201 02.jpg

Tigh brutalizes Valerii during her interrogation.

Scattered - Saul Tigh interrogates Sharon Valerii after she shoots William Adama.

June and July 2007 - Image:S2-Downloaded-DelphiRestoration.jpg

Insert witty immigration joke here.

Downloaded - Humanoid Cylons observe Cylon Centurions participate in restoration efforts in Delphi.

August 2007 - Image:Adama's b-day card.jpg

Insert hormone replacement message here.

The Son Also Rises - William Adama looks over Kara Thrace's file to find this hand-made birthday card.

September 2007 - Image:Computer room.jpg

Even in space, work is boring.

The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part I - A bored crewman in Galactica's computer room.

October 2007 - Image:Season 3 - Promo - Epi 1 - 2 - Gaius Baltar and Cylons.jpg

Duress: a word not found in the Cylon dictionary.

Precipice - The Cylons force Baltar Baltar to sign an execution order.

November 2007 - Image:Sixsharonlitmus.jpg

Stay down!

Litmus - Caprica Sharon and Number Six have a little fight.

December 2007 - Image:Galactica in Atmosphere FTLing.jpg

Watch out!!

Battle of New Caprica - Galactica falls from the sky and then does a mid-air FTL jump, while Saul Tigh looks on.