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The Original Adama

Adama is the commander of the last battlestar, Galactica, and supreme commander of the rag-tag fugitive fleet consisting of the evacuees of the Twelve Colonies. He is also the spiritual leader of the surviving Colonists, leading the quest for Earth.

Adama's children, Lieutenant Athena, and eldest son Captain Apollo, survived the attack on the Colonies. However, his wife, Ila, and his youngest child, Zac, are killed during the events of the Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies.

Adama, a Caprican native, graduated from the colony's military academy. Early in his career, Adama was involved in a parapsychological research project at the Colonial Military Institute (War of the Gods, Part II). He flew with his executive officer Colonel Tigh in their younger days, and later served as an aide to Commander Kronus aboard battlestar Rycon. As well as being a career military officer, Commander Adama is also a member of the Quorum of Twelve, the governing body of the Colonies. ...continued...