Athena Academy in Mourning

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Academy in mourning.

Athena Academy in Mourning is a The Caprican News article written by Ann Royall. It was printed in Februarius 5, YR42.


Two students from the Athena Academy were among those killed in the MAGLEV explosion that claimed 500 lives.

Zoe Graystone and Ben Stark, both in their 3rd year at the academy, were among those that perished when the train they were riding on was blown off its tracks and crashed to street below.

"This is completely lunar," a 1st year student said, "The whole Athena community is in mourning."

Athena students were huddled together in small groups with tear-filled eyes as news spread across the Academy campus. Others sat looking at news updates on their e-sheets in horrified disbelief. "This is a terrible tragedy and we're all in shock," said a member of the faculty who wished to remain anonymous. "It's especially devastating for those students who were close to Mr. Stark and Ms. Graystone."

Grief counselors are on-hand at Athena for faculty and students who need help dealing with the tragic event. It is still unclear why Stark and Graystone were not in school at the time of the attack.

Zoe Graystone is survived by her parents, surgeon, Dr. Amanda Graystone and technology mogul Dr. Daniel Graystone. Ben Stark was the only child of Natalie Stark. Neither family could be reached for comment.


  • The headline may be a reference to the Greek relief sculpture Mourning Athena, which was one of the first Greek statues to significantly portray human emotion.

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