Silas Nash (Deadlock)

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For the canonical depiction of this character, see: Silas Nash.
Silas Nash (Deadlock)
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[[Image:|200px|Silas Nash (Deadlock)]]

Silas Nash is the second commanding officer of Colonial Fleet's battlestar Galactica during the First Cylon War (Battlestar Galactica Deadlock).

From the beginning of the Cylon rebellion, he and Admiral Jubal Sarkis remain staunchly allied.[1]

After Galactica is returned to the Colonial Fleet by Clothos at Caprica Terminal, Silas Nash assumes command of Galactica under the designation of BSG-75. He was onboard Galactica when it went down over Caprica and was one of the survivors alongside Sarkis, and Samantha Agathon.

Once Sarkis takes over as the Supreme Commander of the Colonial Feet, Nash takes over as field commander onboard the refurbished Galactica and the rebuilt BSG-75. Although still at Commander's rank, Nash is given command powers and responsibilities similar to that of the rank of Rear-Admiral. At this point, he also given a new XO, a Tauron by the name of Alex Singh.