Sasha Patel

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Sasha Patel
Sasha Patel


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Colony Caprica
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Birth Name Sasha Patel
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Introduced End of Line
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Role Caprican Military, Procurement officer; Minister of Defense
Rank Colonel
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Portrayed by Jill Teed
Sasha Patel is a Cylon
Sasha Patel is a Final Five Cylon
Sasha Patel is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Sasha Patel is an Original Series Cylon
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Sasha Patel is a colonel in the Caprican military, serving in the office of military procurement. As manager of the U-87 contract, she is aware that Daniel Graystone stole the MCP used to create a functional prototype from the Vergis Corporation. Following delays in Graystone Industries' ability to replicate the MCP for use in mass production, Patel drastically shortens Graystones' deadline for the delivery of 100,000 Cylons. She expects Graystone to fail to meet the deadline, and thus she negotiates a deal with Tomas Vergis, promising the contract and control of Graystone Industries in exchange for mass-production of working Cylons (CAP: "End of Line").

Patel is elevated to the position of minister of defense following these events, replacing Joan Leyte. As defense minister, she publicly affirms the Caprican government's refusal to intervene militarily in the growing rebellion on Tauron (CAP: "The Dirteaters").


Preceded by:
Joan Leyte
Minister of Defense of Caprica Succeeded by: