Pergamus Flats

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A view of the area from the side.

The Pergamus Flats are a low-lying natural landmark located on New Caprica, much like Breeders Canyon.

The topography of the Pergamus Flats consists of a series of muddy plains and grassy glades located in a basin surrounded by tree-covered plateaus. A quasi-road of mud that can support human ground vehicles runs through this region.

One of the wider rises in these flats was chosen by the Cylon Occupation Authority and the New Caprica Police as the site for the execution by firing squad of two-hundred suspected insurgents (TRS: "Precipice").

The executions are prevented by an insurgent team led by Galen Tyrol, who destroy the Centurions, mortally wound a Cavil and down several NCP officers using automatic weapons from a small hillock.

Cally Tyrol is part of the group to be executed, but is freed by Jammer, who instructs her to run from the area. Her husband runs out to get his wife out of the line of his team's gunfire (TRS: "Exodus, Part I").