Breeders Canyon

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Breeders Canyon is a natural landmark on New Caprica.

It was carved out by a shallow, winding river that flows through the center of the valley and is surrounded by a forest. The greenery continues up the canyon walls until the peaks of the rocks, which appear to be barren sandstone. From Tyrol's comments, Breeders Canyon is apparently a long distance to walk from New Caprica City.

This canyon's riverbanks are selected as the rendezvous point between Galactica's Raptor team led by Sharon "Athena" Agathon, and the New Caprica resistance led by Samuel Anders.

After Ellen Tigh tips off the Cylons in an effort to save her husband from further persecution, Cylon Centurions ambush the united team, taking the lives of a few insurgents, but are destroyed by a team of Marines under Gunnery Sergeant Erin Mathias (TRS: "Exodus, Part I").