Jen Kassia

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For other people with the same first name, see: Jen (disambiguation).

Colonel Jen Kassia is Galactica's XO, stationed aboard during her tour in the long-running Cylon War. She is always looking out for the young Viper pilot, William Adama.

A tough, non-nonsense woman, Kassia has never known anything other than military life. She was born aboard the battleship Orion in Tauran space, with a hard childhood spent on the New Caprica colony. Her youth was marred by the capture of her lover Callisto during a Cylon raid, and the incident affected her deeply; Callisto’s body was taken for bio-mass processing in Cylon hybridization experiments and never recovered.

Kassia’s harsh early life has given her a personality that is reflected in her former callsign, ‘Hardcase.’ She lives for the here and now, mindful that during war, death is always lurking nearby.

After the capture of her CO, Commander Bryn Magus, by Cylon forces, Kassia briefly assumes direct command of Galactica.

Kassia looks on Adama with an uncommon degree of fondness, as a rookie Viper pilot in need of some guidance that she is happy to give – whether he wants it or not. Kassia and Magus are trusted friends as well as fellow officers (2003 Video Game).