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Galactica and 75th battlestar group during the First Cylon War.

A battlestar group is by basic definition a formation of Colonial military vessels consisting of a battlestar and its accompanying support ships. These support ships may fulfill offensive and defensive combat roles (dedicated heavy gun ships, smaller carriers), as well as combat support roles (logistics, medical, repair facilities).

The concept of a battlestar group can also encompass several battlestar formations operating as a combined, coordinated combat package — permanently assigned, or assembled as a task force for a specific mission — under one commander, typically an admiral. This is a possibility given the number of available battlestars at the outbreak of hostilities with the Cylons.

The above information is drawn from Ronald D. Moore's basis on a modern-day aircraft carrier battle group.[1]

Known Battlestar Groups

The "ghost fleet" battlestar group, prior to the Ghost Fleet Offensive.

The following battlestar groups are known to have existed before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies:


  • The only on-screen mention of the term is the episode "Water," on a chart on the podium during the meeting about the water crisis.
  • Although the term "battlestar group" implies the presence of multiple vessels, the designation appears to be retained when the battlestar is unaccompanied (such as Galactica), as it would be the centerpiece of any such formation.

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