Viper 4267

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Viper 4267 in formation for attack (TRS: "The Hand of God").

Viper 4267 is a Viper Mark II, piloted by Donald "Chuckles" Perry, that participates in an attack on a Cylon mining outpost.

Both the Viper and its pilot are shot down during the attack (TRS: "The Hand of God").


Pristine Viper 4267 (He That Believeth in Me)
  • Strangely, Viper 4267 has a brief resurrection in Season 4. In one shot of "He That Believeth in Me," Kara Thrace's pristine Viper tail number is replaced with 4267's. This was an oversight, as the original set piece was erroneously given the "4267" number, which later had to be corrected by the visual effects department during post-production. This error is demonstrated on promotional photos that were photographed on set by photographer Carole Segal.