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St. Stan of Galactica: the Battlestar Wiki patron saint of administrators.

All administrators on Battlestar Wiki clean things up around the wiki as part of their duties. The most junior of the group of administrators is known as the Mop Boy.

As such, the lower rank of the Mop Boy amongst his fellow administrators requires them to perform various and sundry tasks. (Senior administrators may update this list as they see fit.)

  • See Mop Boy mop. Mop Boy is always mopping. Mop, boy, mop.
  • All snacks must be well-stocked in the Administrator break room 24 hours a day.
  • The TiVo must always be programmed to capture the latest Re-imagined Battlestar Galactica episodes on Sci-Fi Channel.
  • Spencerian's Ultimate Matrix DVD collection must be stored and shelved next to his "Thunderbirds Mega Set" if found opened and scattered about.
  • And, oh yes, the floors must be mopped with such precision and care that the 5-Second Rule for dropped food is waived to 20 seconds.
  • As Grand Poobah of the People's Republic of Battlestar Wiki, Joe may call for break floor room inspections. If Joe's face cannot be seen from the floor's reflection, the Mop Boy may be liable for flogging. Such flogs involve the Mop Boy watching as many episodes of Galactica 1980 (sans "The Return of Starbuck") as the Poobah deems necessary; the ability to enact dialogue from the series to 1980-esque perfection may grant earlier leniency from said flogging.
  • Current regulations also require the possession of a VHS player, because Conquest of Earth (VHS) is required viewing for all new recruits.

Current Mop Users

  • Catrope: Hm. I'm sure there are laws against child labor, but since we're a virtual break room, the other admins won't work him too hard, provided he brings over any good game consoles and games to hook up to the big screen. Oh, and snacks. And a monkey.

Past Mop Users

  • Joe Beaudoin: Well, he was nice enough to put up the rent for the place, but he left a lot of little messes for us to clean up after. Wasn't a living testament to Mop Boy History, as April A. can tell you.
  • April Arcus: Also known as "Joe's Beeatch," but only for a few days. We heard they could cook a mean bag of popcorn.
  • Spencerian: Who do you think bought that mop you're usin'?
  • Steelviper: Our break room was smaller then, so we cut him a little slack. A little.
  • Day: First to clean the new, larger break room with the 56-in high-definition TV with THX sound speakers. He dusted an awful lot.
  • CalculatinAvatar: First Mop Boy to be submitted to disciplinary action to one forced viewing of "The Night the Cylons Landed, Part I." Much gnashing of teeth and lamentations from women occurred that night, we assure you.
  • Mercifull: His name, as a modifier, is not something we senior admins are likely to be. Nevertheless, he decorates the wiki something nice, and makes snickerdoodle cookies with the Battlestar Wiki logo on them. Tasty.
  • Shane: Photographic memory, eh? Well, then, Photo-Boy, just remember, "I" before "E," except after "C." And welcome to season 3. We even got you a new mop. You can change the CSS on it all you want. :)
  • Gougef and Talos: Well, well, well. Two new recruits, eh? Well, don't think it'll go easy on you. Our break room's too small now. We need room to grow. We're thinking to expand out like Boston did. Sand pails and shovels are in your lockers. Oh, and we got you two some fine Lehman mops. Ah, I love the smell of Pine Sol in the mornin'...
  • Serenity: Ah. Another one from across the sea. Good. We need nighttime coverage after the US members rest their bloodshot eyes after watching for yet another inane Original Series reference for the wiki... :)
  • JubalHarshaw: He's a fine mopper, I'll admit, but I'm trying to figure out what's up with the dreadlocks and the fact that he giggles all the time and keeps eating all the snack food. Maybe "Stashmaster" would be a better name.

Aspiring Mop Users

Interested in joining the Order of the Mop? Feel free to add your name if you'd like. Maybe, someday, other administrators may give you the Call.

Robotic moppers

A RoboMop

Some moppers are bots. Not to be confused with evil Cylons, these robots are benign and help Mop Boys do mass replacement, maintain Interwiki links and automatically archive pages. For a list of active bots, see BW:BOT.