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Temporary holder for the Teaser Info until we figure out what to do with it.

I am posting a very detailed and NPOV (as possible) write-up for discussion and analysis, but doubt we would want to post all of this officially, which is the main reason I created this page. I have tried to refrain from doing any interpretation, deduction, or induction. Just the facts ma'am. I will save it that for the analysis.

Please correct any errors or omissions.

(Is "Title Screen" correct? Also, should I have called them "scenes.")


  • Baltar looks up into the face of a Number Six as she holds his face in her hands while she says, "Sometimes you have to do things that you hate, so you can survive to fight another day."
  • Title Screen: "NEXT SEASON"
  • A Number Eight enters a room from a darkened hallway with an individual in a black ski mask standing behind her.
  • While sitting against a wall, Cally turns and looks.
  • Anders saying (this dialogue starts in the previous scene), "Galactica's not coming back. Just accept that.
  • Tyrol with a beard sitting outside in front of a tent.
  • Saul Tigh with a beard and a medical eye patch on his right eye saying (this dialogue starts with the previous scene and continues with the next scene), "The Old Man just won't just leave us to the Cylons." Tyrol is standing beside him in the shadows.
  • A Number Three looking around outside.
  • An individual in a ski mask walking around a military truck yelling, "Everybody out! C'mon, let's go!" This dialogue continues over the next scene.
  • A close-up of an individual putting on a ski mask.
  • Title Screen: "WILL YOU HIDE YOUR FACE"
  • Saul Tigh (with eye patch) sitting and smoking.
  • A group of individuals, including Zarek and Roslin, standing at the back of a truck. Roslin spins around suddenly.
Season3 TheAdamas.jpg
  • Lee Adama speaking to his father, William Adama saying (this dialogue starts with the last Tigh scene and continues through the next four scenes), "Our first responsibility is to the survival of humanity. If we go back to New Caprica now, humanity just stops. It's over."

  • Cally shown in a weird light like "night vision."
  • Title Screen: "OR STAND UP AND FIGHT"
  • Galatica, Pegasus, and the rest of the fleet in orbit around a planet.
  • William Adama listening to Lee, and then it flips back to Lee.
  • Kara Thrace dressed in a bathrobe or medical gown grabbing the bars of a cell.
  • Kara Thrace holding onto and looking through the bars of a cell as the view rapidly pulls back.
  • Close-up of Baltar in deep shadows.
  • A Number Three talking with A Number Six saying (this dialogue starts with the last title screen and continues through the next), "Is the love of that man really worth losing all of this"? Number Six replies, "If you had ever experienced love, you wouldn't have to ask." Baltar is seen in the background sitting at his desk on Colonial One.
  • Baltar and a Number Six sitting on opposite sides of a bed (appears to be Baltar's on Colonial One) looking away from each other.
  • Title Screen: "OR LISTEN TO YOUR HEART"
  • Cally looking at Tyrol who is lying down with a baby resting on his chest.
  • Ellen Tigh standing in front of desk with her back to someone sitting at it. She spins around.
  • Caprica-Sharon talking to William Adama saying (this dialogue starts with the previous scene and continues over the next three), "I don't think that we can survive unless the man at the top finds a way to forgive himself."
  • William Adama standing alone in CIC.
  • Back to Caprica-Sharon and William Adama.
  • A bright explosion. Tyrol and Anders running away from it.
  • Note: The following was disjointed, it seems to suggested Dualla is speaking to Lee Adama.
Dualla saying, "You've lost your edge."
Lee Adama looking up.
Dualla saying, "You're a soldier who needs a war."
A Viper involved in a space battle.
Leoben Conoy holding a child and saying, "This is Kara, your mother."
Kara Thrace spinning around.

  • Pegasus exiting a jump point.
  • Roslin saying (this dialogue continues over the next five scenes), "Our children need to know that some people fought back, and others collaborated."
  • A group of armed, uniformed individuals entering a room.
  • An individual with a weapon sitting against a tree, using it for cover.
  • An interaction between Leoben Conoy and Kara Thrace where it appears she stabs him in the neck.
  • Baltar turning around.
  • Caprica-Six and Galactica-Sharon walking.
  • In Pegasus's CIC, Dualla saying to Lee Adama, "What are you going to do"? Lee replies, "What I should have done a long time ago."
  • A group of humans in a stream or river under attack.
  • Saul Tigh saying to someone with her back to the screen, "We gotta a war to fight."
  • Cally running through the woods.
  • A Number Three "trashing" a room (or inside a tent).
  • Title Screen: "IT'S TIME"
  • Huge space battle.
  • Baltar, with a weapon under his chin, screaming to someone, "Shoot! I am begging you to shoot!" Interjected in the scene was Kara kicking someone away from her while she is sitting down and the title screen: "TO DECIDE"
Season3 BaltarBegs.jpg

Season3 shooting2.jpg

A group of three individuals are standing on a ramp, one who is wearing a ski mask. One of the other unmasked individual pulls out a weapon and shoots the masked one.

  • Title Screen: "WHO YOU ARE"
  • William Adama saying, "I'm going back."

Additional Info

After stepping through the teaser frame by frame, the following info surfaced (some interpretation involved):

  • The first Number Six seems to be wearing a red dress which seems to suggest Internal Six.
  • The dress and manner suggest that the first Number Eight is Galactica-Sharon. The interaction of scenes suggest that she is entering Cally's cell and Cally turns toward her.
  • The individual putting on the ski mask seems not to be Kara Thrace as some as thought (I did at first). A possibility is that it is Jammer. Also, the individual has blue body armor that I have not seen before.
  • The individuals wearing ski masks seem to be the collaborators:
    • The individual behind Galactica-Sharon at the detention center seems to be a guard.
    • The individual with the military truck is walking around in the middle of the day with one.
    • The title screen stating "WILL YOU HIDE YOUR FACE."
    • None of the probable resistance members seem to be using them.
  • Ellen Tigh seems to be undressing for Cavel (the hair). She appears NOT to be enjoying herself.
  • The individual against the tree appears to be Anders under attack.
  • It is probably Roslin (the hair again) that Tigh tells they have a war to fight.
  • The scene is split, but it appears that Kara stabs Leoben in neck and kicks him across the room.
  • A Number Eight in a blue Colonial uniform is with Anders and the group under attack in the river. Does this suggest Caprica-Sharon as made it to New Caprica, or has Galatica-Sharon joined the resistance?
  • The collaborator on the ramp appears to have a black and white patch on the left sleeve of the jacket. The patch is a large letter C. It could be an armband. It is also on the individual at the military truck

After watching this many times, the a majority of related scenes seem to be shown out of order. For example, I feel that the conversation with Lee and Dee happened before his conversation with his father.

New Info

During the rerun of Home II, additional scenes were shown ( I am doing these from memory so please correct and they are not in order):

  • Kara Thrace screaming through the cell bars, "Let me out."
  • Kara violently stabbing someone.
  • Apparently, Tyrol is talking to Saul Tigh while sitting outside the tent saying, "There are some things that you don't do Colonel, even in war."
  • It appears that the scenes of the of Tigh saying that the Old Man won't leave them and Anders saying that the Galactica won't be coming back is part of the same conversation.
  • William Adama saying,"Get your men ready."
  • A new scene of commandos getting ready.
  • A closeup of the Number Eight and Anders at the river with her saying to Anders, "Shh! Did you hear that?". The uniform doesn't look blue in this shot.
  • Saul Tigh saying, "There's no boundaries for the Cylons, there's no boundaries for us."
  • Ellen Tigh having sex with the person that is sitting in the chair.

Teaser From SG1-200

  • Narration is by Tigh and Tyrol:
  • Tigh : "In the fight to protect our future, we must confront our past. the lies we've told, the decisions we'd made, the people we have loved. As the struggle for survivie continues, we can't face our enemy until we face ourselves."
  • Tyrol: "Some things that you just don't do Colonel, not ever in war."
  • The shots:
  • A hidden shot of who may be Kara Thrace.
  • A closeup of the injured eye of Tigh for the side.
  • Baltar looking forlornly,
  • Gaeta with curly hair running between tents,
  • Roslin looking forlornly hand on her brow.
  • Lee and Dee in a tender embrace,
  • Old shot of Galen, Cally, and the baby in the tent.
  • Someone silhoutteed in bright light
  • A Nunber Six in a black dress looking agound.
  • Number Eight with cell door window in the background
  • Bill Adama Standing in CIC.
  • Resistance blowing up stuff.
  • Old shot of bearded Tigh smoking with the eye patch on

Xbox Teaser

Just listing the new stuff.

  • This teaser can be confusing because it starts with the destruction of the Armistice Station and spends a minute or so catching the view up.
  • A collaborator (in a ski mask) releases Cally in the forest which fits with a previous shot of Cally running through the woods.
  • Lee answering the wireless and saying "What the frak do you want from me!".
  • Adama saying to Lee, "Get you men ready (this part had been aired before), or I will find someone who can!"
  • At the end, Adama says, "It's going to be okay."

Webisodes Teaser

Just the highlights.

  • Tigh is sitting and drinking saying, "We need more people, or the resistance movement gonna die in its crib."
  • Duck ripping down a recruitment poster for the NCP, saying, "If you work for the toasters, it's treason."
  • Jammer? (i think) saying, "May the gods forgive us."

New Teaser from Eureka

If you remember a shot of Roslin and Anders together:

  • Anders: What's so important about this kid?
  • Roslin: She may very well be the shape of things to come.

Shows Maya and Hera sitting on the ground playing.

  • Number 3 (D'anna??): I was having stranges dream that made me question my faith.
  • Ellen Tigh(to Colonel Tigh?: I want you to know that I would have done anything to save you.
  • Baltar looks up into the face of a Number Six as she holds his face in her hands while she says, "Sometimes you have to do things that you hate, so you can survive to fight another day."
  • Adama: I coming back, and I'm going to bring them with me.

New Teaser from Stargate Atlantis

The shots are shown while Admiral Adama broadcasts a "rally the troops" speech over the wireless.
Admiral Adama: 'Take a good look at the men and women that stand next to you. Remember their faces, for one day you will tell you children that you serve with such men and woman. The dignity and Integrity of the Human Race ride with us.


  • Lee and Dee, in uniform, standing side-by-side in a close embrace.
  • Tryol and Anders standing outside looking at each other
  • Kara spending around.
  • Adama saluting Sharon, who is in a Colonial Uniform, and Sharon returining the salute.
  • Tyrol, Cally, and the baby scene in the tent.
  • Tigh with eye path free from jail with Ellen Tigh.
  • Baltar looking completely confused.
  • Dee looking dreamly into Lee's eye while dancing.
  • Resistance Under Attack.
  • Tyrol and Anders running away from an attack.
  • Closeup of Number 3.
  • Colaborator putting on a mask
  • Roslin and Zarek standing behind a truck.

Teaser From Dr. Who - Christmas Vacation

Just a couple of quick notes on new stuff (may not be perfect):

  • Adama to Sharon (who is uniform): "Good hunting, Lieutenant."
  • Starbuck attacking Baltar (probably) or Gaeta. Tigh standing near.
  • Adama: "All hands! All hands! Get ready to jump!"
  • Tigh: "You work for the Cylons, you're a target."
  • Cavil: Send the message that the gloves are coming off."
  • Adama: "Pull them in!"
  • Caprica-Six: "Stop this! Now!"
  • Boomer? with a pistol.
  • An old scene of Tyrol and Helo fighting???
  • All the VFX shots look old.
  • Voiceover: "The time has come, to return from the edge, and kick some ass!"


  • The Cylons have created a human police force aiding the Cylons. They wear black ski masks, blue body armor, and a green uniform with a white armband with a dark letter "C". They have been seen as prison guards and rounding up other citizens.
  • Leoben Conoy has Kara Thrace imprisoned in what looks like an apartment. He introduces Kara to a small blonde girl as the girl's mother. Kara is in some sort of black dress. Sometime in the future, in the same apartment, Kara stabs Leoben in the neck, kicks him across the room, then proceeds to stab him violently over and over again.
  • The discussion between Tyrol and Tigh about certain things one doesn't do even in war may be about the use of suicide bombers, given Tyrol's religious beliefs.
  • Given a purported interview in SFX magazine, the Number Eight in the "River" shot is probably C-Sharon.
  • It appears that Adama conducts a SAR or recon mission to New Caprica before the "big battle."
  • The Xbox teaser begin showing the extent of the rift between the Adamas about going back to New Caprica.
  • From the webisode teaser, it appears that in the beginning the resistance may not be that popular.
  • The Cylons are recruiting for the NCP (guess - New Caprica Police?).